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frequently asked questions

Is Sunwarm Gardens open year round?

Our main season is from mid-May through early October. Because our bouquets are created solely from flowers that we grow or forage, we don't sell bouquets or do weddings in the winter months.
Calendars and other paper products, as well as gift cards are available online throughout the year or until stock runs out, and we sell a small selection of potted plants during the winter months to be picked up or delivered locally. Bouquet subscriptions for the following season open in December and run until subscriptions are filled.

How does a bouquet subscription work?

Beginning during the first week of June, we drop off a mixed bouquet to homes and businesses in the Tri-Lakes area on Thursday mornings. At the first delivery we leave a container for the bouquet; in the following weeks customers leave the container out with a few inches for us to put the bouquet in. We send out an email the night before reminding customers of the delivery the following morning.

What will you do if I'm away for a week? 

If you would like to sign up for a bouquet subscription, but you know ahead of time that you will be away one or more weeks, contact us by email or text and we will send you an adjusted invoice.

If something comes up after the season has started, you have the option of asking for a refund or donating that week's bouquet to someone in our community - elderly, hospitalized, etc. - or a person that you designate. We try to make bouquet donations part of our weekly routine.

Can I have Sunwarm Gardens flowers delivered for my event?

We offer table, side-table, and other decorative arrangements, vases included, for events in the Tri-lakes area throughout the season. Visit our weddings & events page for more information.

Do you ship flowers?

We are hoping to include shipping in the 2022 season for both mixed bouquets and wholesale. At the moment we only ship paper goods and gift cards.

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