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Four trays of ranunculus transplanted into the hoophouse. Challenge: keep them from freezing or frying without automatic controls. Keeping an eye on temperature sensors.

Seed sowing is just beginning to pick up - two trays yesterday:

  • Achillea (yarrow) 'Cassis', 'Colorado'

  • Antirrhinum (snapdragons) 'Mme Butterfly'

  • Carnation 'La France', 'Scarlet'

  • Centaura (bachelor's buttons) 'Florist Mix'

  • Consolida (larkspur) 'Lilac', 'Smokey Eyes'

  • Cynoglossum (chinese forget-me-nots)

  • Dianthus (sweet william)

  • Gypsophilia (baby's breath) 'Covent Garden'

  • Lagurus (bunny tails)

  • Monarda (bee balm)

  • Papaver nudicaule (iceland poppy) 'Champagne Bubbles Orange'

  • Phlox drummondii "Cherry Caramel'

Other notes - 'Cherry Caramel' ( sown ??) may need to be bumped up to larger soil blocks. 'Magic Fountains' delphinium has terrible germination rate; Iceland poppies, not much better. A few Himalayan poppies have sprouted :). Pinched snaps down to first set of leaves.

Am itching to start some of the full season plants - zinnias, amaranths, strawflower - but still too many weeks before the end of frost!

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