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Spatial relations

In the past I've been somewhat blasé about plant spacings, but sitting down with ye olde calculator has opened my eyes. The permanent high tunnel that we use is 22' x 60'. I've divided the plot into 5 rows with 4 aisles. The narrowest aisles that I seem to be able get away with are 18". Subtracting 72 (18x4) from 262 (22x12) divided by 5=38.4" width/row.

Rounding off to 36", or 3', x 56' (leaving 2' at either end of the row for walking) = 168 square feet per bed.

Here's where the math comes in.

Chart for determining plant spacing

The most common spacing I use is 6", which comes out to 4 plants/square foot. Filling a bed would use 672 plants. However, if the plants are spaced more tightly, at 4", the number of plants needed jumps to 1512. That's a lot more plants!

Is it possible to space the high value plants more closely and still get a good set of blooms? Can I provide enough nutrients and be able to keep enough air circulation for healthy plants? Gonna need to do some experimentation.

Meteogram 2/25-2/26


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