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Haven't grown eucalyptus for a while. At one point it seemed ubiquitous, and then droughts in Australia created a seed shortage for a couple of years, still ongoing to some extent. But, [insert shaggy dog story here] I ended up ordering a tray of 'Silver Dollar' plugs this spring, and Rich planted them in the hoophouse today.

Eucalyptus 'Silver Dollar'

Looking forward to using them for greenery in fresh bouquets and dried. I experimented with making eucalyptus/lavender shower swags a few years ago - may make some for sale this fall & winter.

I planted 50 each larkspur, snapdragons and carnations, the second of the field beds. The up and down temps that we see these days make it hard to know what to expect. The highs were in the 70's yesterday and today; there's a chance of snow several nights next week. Row cover at the ready.

Also, Rich planted a tray of Roseanne 'Black Pearl' lisianthus - can't wait to see this one! - and a tray of Iron stock. This is going to be such an exciting year of blooms!


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