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Still hot

Temps hitting mid/upper 80's this week and the only reprieve is a possible thunderstorm this afternoon. I'm feeling a little worn out - this is the Adirondacks! - and the humidity, whoa 😳.

I've had to move transplants into beds during the heat because it is staying too hot in the greenhouse. Tomatoes are hanging in, but the squash plants are struggling.

Rich planting tomatoes and squash 5/26/23

Also found room for statice and gomphrena, about two dozen of each. The marigolds and amaranth are holding up well.

On the fun side, ranunucs are starting to come in fast, I'm seeing the first columbine stalks, and the baptisia is lovely! And I found three lady slippers in my secret patch in the woods.

Lady slipper orchid

Seeds sown this week:

  • Sunflowers in the field: Horizon, pro Red, Vincent's Choice, Double Quick, Vincent's Fresh

  • Sunflowers in hoophouse: Orange Excel and Red/Lemon

  • Wheat

  • Jade green beans

Sunflower seeds outside have been covered with remay to keep turkeys and other birds from eating the seeds. I'd like to keep it in place until the seedlings are at least a few inches tall.


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