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It's not even July yet

And I've already lost the thread on keeping up with the blog. 9:30 pm on a Thursday; will attempt to recap.

Northern Quebec is on fire, so this week has had smoky patches. Otherwise, the summer rains have started and I'm not complaining. The peonies took advantage of a warm few days for most varieites to pop, mainly June 21-26. Some varieties are still coming on and we lost a lot of buds to the late spring frost, but a decent harvest. Have not gotten a bloom yet from the Bartzilla yellow.


I've decreased the number of delphiniums because they take up a lot of space, and tend to get moldy later in the season, but I was able to get about 20 stems until the rain storm beat them down. Not sure whether I want to replant a bigger bed or not.

Apricot foxglove that was planted last year put out a bunch of lovely, lovely stems this year. I'm not sure whether I want to go back to planting other varieties. This one color is really nice.

Turning the corner to real summer, the next varieties showing up are snapdragons, marigolds, amaranths, Bachelors Buttons, larkspurs, Baby's breath, and lilies.

Successes so far this year: Cherry Caramel phlox, annual Baby's breath. Failures: Scabiosa, sown outdoors, maybe gomphrena, celosia, Bells of Ireland. The bells have some sort of fungal disease that I cannot get rid of. The celosia never does well, and I think birds ate a fair amount of the seeds that I tried to sell. I did cover the sunflowers with row cover, and that did help a lot.

That's a few things caught up, now to catch up with the weeding, mowing, harvesting...


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