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Aster risks

China Asters were a surprise to me the first year that I grew them - so many colors, wonderful texture - a sturdy, late summer flower.

They fell out of popularity with growers at one point because of their susceptibility to aster yellows but I've never really seen that disease around here (knock on wood!) Trying a couple of new colors this year, Tower 'Silver' and Hazaster Hagan 'Light Blue' along with Tower 'Chamois' and a mix called 'King Mix.'

Seeded today in 1/2" blocks

  • 180 China Asters

  • 60 Godetia

  • 60 Carnations

In 1 1/2" blocks

  • 50 Marigolds

  • 20 Lunaria

  • 20 each Gomphrena 'Strawberry Fields,' 'Purple,' Salmon'

  • 40 Statice

  • 20 Strawflower

Transplants note: Stock transplanted into hoophouse was looking terrible yesterday. Unfortunately, this reminds me that the same thing has happened in years past. Not sure what the problem is - cold, transplanting too early, not hardening off? I need to educate myself a little better on how to grow stock from seed.


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