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Back off!

Rich turned the deer fence on just in time - saw a doe eyeing her usual path into the gardens. Conditioning is key: slips of aluminum foil baited with peanut butter placed nose-high deliver a good shock in a tender spot, encouraging the four-legged jerks to stay away, at least for a few months.

Transplants today

  • 50 Dianthus 'Neon Duo;' 10 Dianthus 'Sweet William'

  • 28 Stock 'Katz'

  • 30 Cynoglossum (roots were long; many needed to be pinched off)

  • 45 Campanlua

Amaranth, Celosia, Godetia, Carnation and Zinnia 'Rose Salmon' have germinated from sowing on 4/3. Asters a little slower.

Rich also planted the last of the Ranunculus today. Low temps tonight predicted around 14F, Still two layers of row cover in the hoophouse at night.


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