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Clear blue skies here today, but still not a huge amount that can be done outdoors. Some more seed trays coming tomorrow, though.

Bought this book, "A Gardener's Guide to Botany," because I saw the author, Scott Zona, mention it on social media. It is such a pleasant an informative read for those of us intrigued by the mysteries of plant biology! The level is AP Bio/first-year college with many thoughtful illustrations. I pored over them, looking from right to left, top to bottom.

Zona is not afraid to discuss areas of current controversy in the botanical world, noting when conventional wisdom is called into question. And the photos - wow! Gorgeous, well framed photos stopped me from skimming through too quickly.

Obviously, I'm recommending this book for anyone who wants to go a little deeper into plant biology in the garden. You can find it on a number of bookselling sites, and no, I'm not being paid for this endorsement 😁.

Meteogram 3/5-3/6


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