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Campanula, etc.

Campanula, larkspur and delphinium in a vase

Those darn deer! Last fallI I had a lovely bed full of campanula and foxglove ready to overwinter for their spring (biennial) bloom. They were so rambunctious that I ended up moving every other plant to give the remaining ones room.

Come November, the deer moved in, at first just chomping, but later uprooting EVERY SINGLE campanula. They even ate some of the foxglove (digitalis) and I hope it made them feel at least a bit sick.

Anyway, in order to have campanula this spring I am trying out a new variety, Champion II, bred to bloom first year. This is a more widely planted variety than the one I had been using, so I'm optimistic.

Seed tray #3 includes the first varieties planned for field beds. As follows:

  • Campanula (field)

  • Digitalis (f) - Apricot

  • Rudbeckia (f) - Irish Eyes, Prairie Sun, Indian Summer

  • Delphinium (f)- Magic Fountains

  • Larkspur(f) - Smokey Eyes, Blue Picotee, Lilac

  • Stock (hoophouse). - Katz Mix

  • Cress (h)

Also, 2 more trays of soaked ranunculus, ~175 corms

Meteogram 3/7-3/8


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