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Farm economics

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Not gonna lie - my balance sheets are not a model of surefootedness, and I'm not going to mention pricing or budgets very often. However, this photo is a gut punch:

"10 tulips for 2 euros"
"10 tulips for 2 euros"

This photo of flower market in the Netherlands advertising bunches of 10 tulips for 2 euros was posted on a flower farmer Facebook group. As we all gasped in the comments, the original poster replied, "there are no small farmers in Holland. The farmer-florist farmer-market model is very unique and specific to USA. In Europe they have floral auction systems. It is a total opposite farming product sales and distribution model."

Food for thought. Would love to visit a flower farm in Holland someday, but I'm grateful for an economy that fosters community connections.

Meteogram 2/23-2/24


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