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Getting a few seeds in

Ranunculus in a vase

Still cool and some welcome rain yesterday - felt lucky to get a chance to plant a few seeds today. There are so many varieties of cosmos and they're all lovely; here are the ones I planted today: Sensation Mix, Versaille Mix, Cupcakes, Rubenza, Picotee ans Snowpuff.

Also put in a short row of euphorbia 'Snow on the Mountain' and a patch of daucus Dara. Meanwhile, Rich transplanted zinnias and phlox into the hoophouse. Fingers crossed that this is the last sub-32 degree night this year so we can finish transplanting into the field beds!

And we are starting to see a few ranunculus. I had to grab the first three for ourselves, but my plan is to have the season stretched out a bit by the succession planting that we - I mean, Rich 😊 - did in March/April (3/18 & 4/7). Are we having slightly delayed bloom times this spring because of a late cool spell? It feels that way to me but I would need to refer to past data to know if that was true.


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