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Warm bottoms

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Seeded the first tray today of warmth loving plants. Most of these would germinate in lower temps, but putting them on a heat pad guarantees more consistent germination. I'll move them off the pad after a few days.

Cat sleeping on heat mat (photo from internet)

In the tray

  • Amaranths: 20 each 'Hot Biscuits,' 'Green Cascade,' 'Coral Fountains;' 30 'Velvet Curtains;' 15 'Love-Lies-Bleeding'

  • 60 Celosia 'Pampas Mix'

  • 25 Bunny Tails (mixed germ from the first seeding - Mar 18)

  • 35 Cynoglossum (forgot that I had already started a bunch - also Mar 18)

  • 25 Veronicastrum 'Alba' (poor germ from the first seeding)

AND, veggies!

  • Tomatoes: 15 'Sungold,' 20 'Oregon Spring' (determinate variety), 15 'Marriage Genuwine,' 4 'Rose De Berne' (last of the seed, a nice medium tomato, but not that special)

  • Pepper: 5 'Bulgarian Carrot Chili' (old seed)

Weather still unsettled for a while. Cleaned the greenhouse and moved 2 trays of ranunuculus and 2 trays of snapdragons down to harden them off in cloudy conditions. It's always a crapshoot this time of year.


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