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In which a slight panic, but all is well

When I tried to flush the toilet in the middle of the night there was no water inthe tank, and no flow from the faucet. I realized that the pressure tank had shut off, so went back to bed.

Sometimes we empty our well (250 feet, 1 1/2 gal/min) too quickly to keep up with demand. The pressure tank shuts down and we have to crawl under the basement stairs to reset it. Not a big deal, except this time a) I didn't know what caused it, and b) it took a fair bit of fiddling to get it restarted. I started to worry that the pump had died or the well had dried up.

Neither was the case and eventually the tank began filling. So, what had caused the rapid drawdown?

Yesterday was HOT, so I had kept the irrigation on for a couple of beds in the hoophouse, watered others by hand. Also ran the dishwasher in the evening. In the end, it was none of these.

As I headed back to the house yesterday I turned off the timer for the water. Except I accidentally turned it too far, so it was set to "Manual." That meant it would run all night. Still, that probably wouldn't have drained the tank, although it would have left some pretty soggy beds.

The culprit was the end cap on one of the lengths of drip tape that had parted ways with the tape The unimpeded flow emptied the tank and scooped out a small river at the far end of the bed!

Another hot day, so transplanting only morning and evening. One tray of larkspurs and one of snapdragons ina prepped bed in the morning, and a few cress plants and annual Baby's Breath, 'Covent Gardens,' in the hoophouse in the evening.


Also seeing a few buds among the daffodils. Who knows when they'll bloom this year? Climate change is sobering.


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