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The purpose of this blog is to record as many details as possible about the day-to

-day management of the farm. One aspect I'd really like to keep a record of is the weather stats for each day that a blog post is made. Actually, why not try to have a record for each day of the season 🤔

Here in NY we have this amazing resource called Mesonet, a network of weather stations all over the state with detailed, on the ground weather info. If you go to the website, you can choose one of the stations to see the current weather -

Gabriels, NY Mesonet screenshot

Note how much info is on this page - everything from barometric data to soil temps and moisture levels.

More useful for review purposes are the 24 hour records, which can be downloaded as a "meteogram." The only drawback to this beautiful graph is that it downloads as a pdf which then needs to be converted into a jpg or png. I'm working on automating this part of things.

Anyway, here's the 24 hour meteogram for 2/17/23.


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