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More plugs, specifically lisianthus

Last year's plug orders (2022):

Lisianthus Arena Gold (group 3), Sumika Japanese Lisianthus Arosa 3 Red (210)

Ship Week: Week 12 (March 21)

Lisianthus Voyage Champagne (group 2), Lisianthus Voyage Deep Rose (group 2)

Ship Week: Week 14 (April 4)

Some notes - the first harvest was in early August, and the last around October 1st. Oddly, Voyage Champagne bloomed before Arena Gold, even though it was planted two weeks later. Also, ordering the 210 count tray for the Arosa Red vs. 125 count for the others was probably not the best use of space. They needed more coddling than the larger starts and for me, the volume increase did not offset the extra fussing.

The Arena Gold was a fairly unremarkable yellow, so not a keeper. OTOH, I've been a fan of the Voyage Deep Rose since the first time I grew it, a really rose-like flower with gorgeous color. Unfortunately, that variety got backordered this season so I've substituted Arosa Red, another tried-and-true.

This year's orders (2023):

Lisianthus Rosanne Black Pearl (group 1), Lisianthus Celeb 2 Apricot ( ended up with the Week 17 order, but less than half a tray; we were refunded)

Ship Week: Week 16 (Apr. 17) delayed from Week 15

Lisianthus Celeb 2 Honey Pink, Lisianthus Arosa 3 Red

Ship Week: Week 17 (Apr. 24)

Starting a little later this year to have late summer/fall blooms for weddings, etc. Lisis are not highly appreciated at the farmers market, but are perfect for filling out bridal bouquets.

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