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Mothers & Others

Kickoff for the flower season, Mother's Day. Daffodils are in their glory for this short period between frosts and summer heat. I wish I could devote more space in the field to fancy daffs, but Replete and Sapphire Valley are the main harvests.

And now, everything starts moving. Planting

  • 40 Celosia in the hoophouse

  • 40 China Asters, ditto

  • 50 Zinnias, ditto (survived a couple of chilly nights)

IOW, two of the hoophouse rows are fully planted. Eucalyptus fills half of the middle row, and one row is reserved for dahlias and heirloom chrysanthemums. Leaving one row, more or less, to fill with other plants. Hmmm.

Outside, the lilies are poking up, as are the peonies and most of the other perennials. Saw some damage on the yarrow and feverfew today, similar to what happened last year - probably flea beetles - so sprayed carefully right around those plants.

Took a chance by planting out 50 amaranths and 50 marigolds. Will set up hoops and sandbags tomorrow so we can cover if necessary.


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