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Not ready for 80 degrees

80 is the outside temperature this afternoon; inside the hoophouse and greenhouse it's warmer than that. It would be even hotter in the greenhouse if I hadn't added shade netting a couple of years ago. This is a readout of the thermistors that Rich set up in both places.

Screenshot of temp measurements in greenhouse and hoophouse - both over 80 degrees

Apparently, these are the kind of spring temps we need to prepare for in the future. My dilemma: leave the snapdragons and larkspurs in their trays in the greenhouse or transplant them where the wind and sun will do a number on them. Holding pattern for now.

Seeding update:

1 1/2" blocks

  • Zinnia: 17 'Orange Lime;' 12 'Salmon Rose;' 30 'Cactus Mix'

  • 17 Bells of Ireland

1/2" blocks

  • 30 'Aromatto' Basil; 30 'Genovese' Basil

  • 60 Scabiosa 'Black Knight'

  • 30 Monarda

  • 30 Briza (Quaking Grass)

  • 60 Aster 'Chamois'

  • 60 Aster 'King Mix'

Alas, poor germination of Zinnia mix and several varieties of Asters sown on 4/3; 'Salmon Rose' Zinnias look great. Trying again with the seeds that I have left.

Anyway, here are a few scenes from the early spring strivers. Could not capture the flies and bees darting around - they're too intent on the search for nourishment to alight anywhere for long.


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