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Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Spent a few minutes on the phone today sorting out an order of lisianthus plugs. A variety I had ordered from Gro N' Sell, a wholesale nursery supplier, wasn't available so we had a short discussion while I decided which substitute would work best. Digression: I was able to tour Gro N' Sell with Bailey Hale, proprietor of Farmer Bailey, a few years ago and was absolutely blown away by the quality and high standards of the operation from top to bottom. A cheerful morale diffused throughout the company in a way I've seldom seen before.

Back to the plugs - 2 boxes of 3 trays each containing lisianthus and stock plugs are scheduled for delivery, one on April 10th and one on the 24th. Each tray holds 125 plugs which will get planted immediately on arrival in the hoophouse.

PS. Farmer Bailey's shop is the best place I know of for small-medium scale flower farmers to buy plugs. Highly recommended!


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