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Soil blocking trial

The soil block makers are set to bump up 1/2" blocks into 2" blocks. I wanted to fit more into the tray so I transplanted seedlings from 1/2" blocks into1 1/2" blocks, 75 per tray.

They don't have a square opening like the large shapes, just a round indentation - I smooshed the smaller blocks into the larger ones. Will this work? We'll see.

One tray of amaranths - four varieties, one tray of celosia. Filled any gaps with 'Cherry Caramel' phlox and Bunny Tails grass.

Transplanted tomatoes and a few others into 2" block, 50 per tray. Also, a box of plugs arrived today! Stock, Lisianthus and Eucalyptus. Will plant tomorrow, after another seasonably cold - low of 22F tonight.

To keep spirits up, here are a few photos of the first bunch of daffs in a vase.


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