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The Gate

For the very first time, we have a sturdy wooden gate to complete the enclosure around the gardens. Rich is really making things happen!

Otherwise, I've been waiting out this cold, wet week, only sporadically digging in the dirt between downpours. Planted the gladiolus stored from last year, probably about 150 of them. Also put in a second row carrots and one of peas.

But it looks like the weather will break soon and the 100's of Replete daffodils filling up my fridge - haven't turned the walk-in cooler on yet - will get made into bouquets for Mother's (and Others) Day. That'll be the true beginning of things.

And now for something completely different: writing about "The Gate" reminded me of this lovely song off an old tribute album to the Bahamian musician, Joseph Spence. Nice harmonies, clever lyrics. Enjoy!


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